Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Ripple Effect

                                                The Ripple Effect


                A few weeks ago I was taking the dog on his morning walk and noticed the clouds were beginning to form something quite awesome.  I’m not sure how many of you really pay attention to the heavens but we tend to see some neat things that sometimes also come with very significant messages.  This particular morning the heavens would set the stage again for God to speak something profound to my heart and just recently the same message has been brought to light again and again, through different events.  Therefore, I feel I need to share what God was showing me that day.

            As Louie, the dog, and I continued our walk the sun began to shine a bit brighter and the clouds began to thin out.  The clouds continued to thin looking as if they were forming layers but as I watched longer I noticed the clouds turning from layers into rings while leaving a complete circle in the middle of the rings.  They resembled ripples in water from the result of rocks being thrown into a lake or sometimes boats might leave a ripple effect in the water as they speed by.  Let’s remember that in reality, we are talking about the clouds not water but honestly this is the shape in which they formed in the sky.  I remember thinking, “Wow that is really cool God. Those clouds look like ripples in a lake.”  Have you ever noticed anything about ripples?  They have a trickling effect on one another; one ripple is not created without the one before it causing the ripple to be set in motion.  The center of the ripples also stays whole, as a whole circle.  The only thing that could change the center is for something to disrupt the beautiful process of creating ripples and when that happens the center begins to form a new set of ripples.  So as I am studying this process taking place in the sky, it “dawns” (or rather God made it clear ;-) on me that this beautiful example easily resembles our lives as Christians and as human beings.

            With Christ being the center of our lives, our ripples will have lasting value that can affect many generations to come.  We can make choices that honor Him by really living out our faith, meeting people where they are at and really getting to know them while sharing our lives with them as well, meeting their needs by serving and helping in any way that God shows us.  Does this mean that you take on the world’s problems and try to figure out the solutions yourself?  Of course not!  It doesn’t even mean that we should try to take on all the problems of the local church which we may attend.   We can choose to start the ripple effect by doing something for someone that will help them and share the love of Jesus and hopefully that person will continue the ripple effect by passing on the goodness and love of Christ that was shared with them.  Shortly after this beautiful understanding came to light, I heard “Be the Ripple Effect.” 

            Recently it was made clear to me that “The Ripple Effect” can also be used in a negative way.  A person will either choose not to do anything at all or could make choices that are not beneficial to those whom he or she is trying to help.  It has also been made very clear that nothing will ever happen unless it is in God’s timing and  things will also not happen unless they are within God’s will.  This is part of His plan whether we come into agreement with it or not, it’s just reality. As stated earlier, the center will begin to form a new set of ripples if something upsets the process.  If God sees that we know how to talk well but don’t really want to play on the team, well he can choose to start a new set of ripples with those who are willing to let Him lead.

            In summary, ripples represent movement and change and they speak strongly to the old saying, “What goes around comes around!”  I leave you with these thoughts to ponder…Where do you want me to begin The Ripple Effect God?  How do you want me to begin The Ripple Effect God?  Lord, what if I get scared, prideful, nervous or worried?  2 Timothy 1:7/ Joshua 1:9/ 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10.  Allow Him to be your stable center and together you will make beautiful ripples ladies.  J                                                                                        SMP*/ 09-06-12


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