Monday, November 5, 2012

Women of Faith

November 1, 2012

        It is the eve before a few of us depart for Women of Faith in Kansas City….can I tell u that I’m PUMPED!!  (Just a little bit, LOL!)  Actually, life is so busy that I didn’t even connect into that excitement until just a little while ago.  The theme for WOF this year is …Celebrate What Matters!

Wow, can I relate to that in a big way!  If any of you heard my personal testimony on Sunday 10-28-12 @ the Luncheon, you will get my drift!  If not, I want to leave you with this text…Matthew 17:20 & 21.  Verse 20 is well known but verse 21 is overlooked way too often.  Verse 20 is the blessing, but verse 21 consists of the instruction before the blessing.    Yes, I expect you to go look up this verse and comment on here from your response and I will hopefully come home with some valuable insight in my notes from the conference and I will type u and have posted for you.  Have a great weekend all!!  J

                                                          With love from your sister in Christ,


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